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So, funny story! (Sort of...)

Warm greetings!

So, funny story! (Sort of...)

On Tuesday, I sat down and recorded a new video for the Weekly Message from Spirit. Given my schedule this week, I knew I had to record it early. I'm not sure what happened, but the video is not playable. I can't share it with you.

The funny part is that the message centered around following your own inner guidance at this time. Spirit is asking us to connect to our own deep well of Divinity. This week, it seems, you don't need messages from me. You need messages from yourself!

I recall an emphasis on the importance of good psychic and spiritual hygiene. Be sure to cleanse your energy field and "bubble up." Ask Archangel Michael to shield your energy. I also like to envision myself in a loving pink bubble. Love is allowed in! Energies not in the resonance of love stay out! At the Full Moon this weekend, take some time to sage yourself and your spaces.

Many blessings! I will try again with a video message next week!



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