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Summer Solstice Group Distance Healing

Sound Healing with the Ocean- a complimentary offering from You are welcome to it - visit here.

Hello and Happy Saturday! Tomorrow I will be offering a 60 minute collective distance healing session during the Summer Solstice. The session will be held at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

Even though this is a group session, the energy works on each person individually. I call on everyone's Guides to work together to effect the highest and best healing.

Participants may feel that the energy

  • relieves pain

  • calms anxiety

  • nourishes their inner reserve of energy

  • help depression subside

  • relieves insomnia

  • calms symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder

  • improves your mood

  • minimizes tension, stress and headaches

  • help those suffering from chronic physical ailments and disease

  • strengthens your spiritual connection

In the United States, June 20th is also Father's Day. For many, this is a day of celebration. Others may feel grief or sadness. I see this day as an opportune time to set an intention to heal any wounds related to the fathers or father-figures in our lives. If there is forgiveness work to be done, the energy will certainly help support that for you. If there is grief to be released, the energy will help on that front as well.

Within 24 hours of the session, participants will receive a Healing Report Video which will include details on how the healing went, as well as any spiritual guidance I receive on behalf of the group. Register for Summer Solstice Group Distance Healing here.

Enjoy your weekend!



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