Your Aries New Moon Sound Healing + Giveaway!

Warm Greetings!

I am excited to announce that your New Moon Tuning is now published and available for the coming New Moon in Aries this Sunday!

Where in your life could you use a fresh start? This New Moon brings fiery, passionate energy to create the life you want. You have a huge blank canvas, a palette full of colors and you are the artist! Team up with Spirit and dream big!

When you listen to the New Moon Tuning, you'll hear me use the French words "joie de vivre" -- the exuberant enjoyment of life! This sound healing meditation encourages just that! It is opening us to feel more enjoyment of being ourselves and enjoying being alive.

This Sunday, April 11th at 9 p.m. Eastern, I will conduct a group distance healing session during this New Moon. If you would like a more powerful experience, listen to the sound healing meditation below while you receive distance healing on Sunday night. As usual, I will record a Healing Report video for all participants, which will include any spiritual guidance that comes forth for the group. Everyone who registers for the New Moon in Aries Distance Healing Session will be entered in a drawing to receive an individual 60 minute distance healing session from me! I will draw the winner's name when I record the Healing Report Video! If you win, we will set up an appointment for you to receive the distance healing. I will follow up with a video report after the healing session is complete.

Click here to register for New Moon in Aries Distance Healing.

Whether you use the New Moon Tuning alone or decide to sign up for the distance healing session, please remember to set some beautiful intentions for yourself this weekend! I have a very good feeling about the energies of this New Moon!

Wishing you every blessing!


The New Moon Tuning (click here) and library of sound healing meditations and fun videos are available on my YouTube channel.

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