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Your Spring Equinox gift!

Warm Greetings!

Have you felt the urge to start spring cleaning? I have experienced bursts of deep cleaning in my home. I love cleaning and clearing the way for new beginnings! This is what energy healing does for you. Release the old to welcome the new!

In celebration of the coming season, I have a special gift for the Love Light Voice community. On Saturday, March 20 at 9 p.m. Eastern, I will hold a 60 minute complimentary group distance healing session for all who register! This is a wonderful opportunity to cleanse and clear your energy at the start of a new season. As I always say- awake, asleep or otherwise engaged, the energy will work to benefit you.

As I normally do for my New Moon and Full Moon group distance healing sessions, I will record a Healing Report Video to detail how the session went and include any spirit messages that I receive for the group.

You don't have to do anything special to receive this healing. There is no number to call, website to check in. Distance healing is truly wireless. By signing up for this session, you pull this energy to you by your intention. Spirit knows how to find you!

As many of you know, receiving energy healing can help relieve physical symptoms of illness, help you feel more balanced and achieve greater states of peace and calm. If you would like to receive this gift, just click here.

If you feel called to share this email with any of your friends or family who may be resonant with my work, please do so.

I created a video to talk about this special distance session. You can view it here!!

Have an amazing week!


P.S. To learn about my individual healing services, click here!

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