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Day 1: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

Many years ago, maybe 2009, I signed up to volunteer at a Hay House event in Tampa. It was there that I first stumbled upon Robert Ohotto. When volunteers weren't actively working, we could attend various sessions during the conference. Someone had recommended a session for their humor, but I was drawn in by Robert's name. Ohotto. I didn't know what to expect and was intrigued. So I went.

I remember being blown away by his presentation. He taught at such a high level and as I listened my spirit felt engaged and enlivened. I read his book "Transforming Fate into Destiny" and subsequently attended two of his workshops in Boulder, Colorado.

What did I learn from Robert? To be a tough, spiritual cookie. I learned about the levels of my soul and consciousness, about synchronicity and soul prayers. I learned to own my chakras and further understand my intuition. I learned how to have BOUNDARIES. That was a big one. Before Robert, I didn't even know what a boundary was.

Robert uses astrology as a powerful tool, analyzing the archetypes of the signs and helps us understand what patterns are coming up for healing personally and collectively.

Check him out on YouTube and visit his content at @robertohotto. His website is His content is game changing and life changing!

This is not a paid ad! I recommend Robert because I love him and respect his work.

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