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Day 14: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

Twelve years ago this month, my black cat Emerald came into my life. As time has passed, I realized that he embodies certain qualities that could really help me in my life as a human.

For example, every time I open the refrigerator door, he immediately runs over to see what goodness will be coming out! Emerald is always expecting that something good is going to happen! This indicates a level of positive thinking that I do not always have!

If he doesn't like his food, he doesn't hesitate to communicate he'd like something better.

He has excellent self-esteem and always wants the best for himself.

Emerald is a yoga master. His flexibility is pretty amazing!

He has excellent boundaries, as cats generally do. If you cross his boundaries, he does not hesitate in letting you know!

If Emerald could speak English, I am nearly certain he would readily articulate that of course he is part of the Divine. I feel like he would say, "Of course I am part of the Divine! Just look at me! Isn't it obvious?"

Last week, Emerald knocked over the plant stand in my lanai, destroying several pots. Luckily the plants were not damaged. These moments definitely test my unconditional love! But it is exactly in these moments that (after a little while) I recognize how having him in my life has grown my heart. And in many ways, he has also healed it.

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