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Day 15: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

"The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale was the first book I ever read on practicing positivity. In my life, I had a living, breathing example that embodied positive thinking-- my piano teacher from grades 6 to 12, Mrs. Warrene Johnson.

I saw Mrs. Johnson every week for 6 years. Without fail, I was at her house for an hour on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. Mrs. Johnson had high standards for her students. She held us to those standards with kindness, gentleness and love. When I think of her, I remember how her energy just felt like love!

I never heard Mrs. Johnson utter a negative word to me. I never heard her utter a negative word about anyone else! She was firm in expecting the absolute best for me in my musical career and life. I kept in touch with her as an adult. In recent years before her passing at age 98, she continued to shower me with positive words and thoughts.

I was in high school when I looked at her one day and said, "You are the most positive person I have ever met." She stood in deep contrast to most of the adults I'd met in my life. I cherish that she was my teacher in music, but also in life.

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