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Day 2: My Favorite Spiritual Teachers

There is a small metaphysical church in my community that I attended for a while. Rev. Tom held classes there on learning to connect with our Spirit Guides. I attended joyfully, week after week. Rev. Tom was the perfect teacher for me, as I respond very well to exciting content combined with humor.

One of the most important lessons I learned from Rev. Tom was to report whatever I received intuitively. I learned to work past my doubt. I also learned to leave out the word "just." One never knows what small detail or what symbol might hold great significance to someone. What might seem ridiculous to you- like seeing the characters from the Wizard of Oz- (true story) - might be significant to another person!

Growing a stronger connection to your team of Guides is invaluable. We all still face challenges, but life just gets more graceful once your enlist their help. I'm grateful, Rev. Tom.

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